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HR Document Templates

Every business has daily need of exchanging few formal documents, within or outside the organization. specially within organization, the HR department has major responsibility of preparing documents that contains formal language and is made for all situations (functions) that arises in the company like new employee is recruited, current employee performing in appreciated manner, salary of employees are raised and this needs to be communicated, and many more such functions. Since its business, therefore every mentioned function needs to be inked.

We have tried to give you some base of main HR letters. Using this and with few relevant changes, the management can be done effectively.

HR Templates

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Appointment Letter For Management Personnel Template

This is basic format of the letter of appointment especially for selected candidate who is recruited for some management position in the organization like manager of a department, director, managing director, etc. The template gives relevant sub-headings under which rules & terms currently accepted in your organization can be mentioned.

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Employee Experience Letter Template

The Letter of Experience is asked by employee at the time of relieving from the services of the company or for other reasons like applying for some educational course. This letter must specify the nature of work, employee’s proficiency, awards if any and some other statements that define his professional journey at your company.

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Employee Job Offer Letter Template

After successful selection of candidate for a particular position in the company, the candidate is issued a Job Offer Letter which mentions details about what all company is offering him/her in lieu of the job placement. The document specifies job description, payroll structure, position, terms and conditions, etc. The acceptance and rejection of this Job Offer Letter will initiate other formalities of placement.

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Letter of Appreciation Template

To motivate and appreciate employee for its work, this Letter of Appreciation is presented. It mentions the expression of praises, some direct or indirect benefits to be offered, etc. The Letter of Appreciation can be awarded for occasions like excellence shown in assigned task for particular time period, appreciation received from client, company got profit due to employee effort, or any other such occasion.

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Letter of Employee Promotion Template

Promotion can be a usual process based on certain time span or it may be given as reward for work of excellence shown by employee. This Letter of Promotion is issued as formal declaration of the new designation, roles and responsibilities. It may or may not contain the new payroll structure based on designation.

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Letter of Employee Termination Template

Letter of Termination is a formal document provided by company based on the decision of decisive management, to terminate employee from the services of the company. The reason for termination varies from employee’s misconduct to the non-appropriate performance on the designated position. The valid reason should be mentioned in the document and also it should declare clearance of all the financial terms and conditions of the employment.

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Letter of Declaration Template (By employee who is leaving the company)

The Letter of Declaration needs to be issued to employee in the situation whenever the case is to get an acceptance from employee over certain business process. The document here gives you format that can be used at the time employee is relieving from services of the company; he/she needs to declare that there are no formalities pending from company’s side and so on. This document is kept for records of the company for any future references.

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Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Since business has some data and information store, it is mandatory that employee should respect the privacy and importance of it, during or post-employment term with your company. The document declares expressions that majorly relate to preserve the documents and information of the company and do not share with competitors or with people who may misuse them for obvious reasons. The document is signed by employee and returned to company.

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Employee Relieving Letter Template

The Letter of Relieving is issued to employee who has submitted its resignation letter with the HR department. The letter clearly mentions that company has no objection in letting the employee leave his/her job position. This document is usually asked by companies at time of appointment in order to verify that candidate is not employed with any of the previously served organizations.

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Letter of Appraisal Template

Letter of Appraisal, generally in terms of salary, is to be offered every time when there is increment in the salary. The increment is based on the policy of the company, and so is the issuing of the Letter of Appraisal. It should mention the latest salary package and structure that company is setting. The signature as a token of acceptance is needed from individual employee. One copy should remain with company, while other is handed over to employee.

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Employee Salary Slip Template

Salary slip is a printed document, that contains the payroll structure defining the salary attributes, its monetary value, tax deduction if any, etc. The slips should be made for each individual month, week or quarter, for the complete working term of the employee. The salary slips of last six months from last served company are generally asked from the candidate at the time of his/her appointment just to verify the authenticity of the verbal communication made by candidate in this respect.

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Leave Application Template

Leave policy is considered to be an integral practice for an organization. It is under jurisdiction of the organization itself to decide that how many leaves are to be availed by the employee annually. Without a leave policy, it would be impossible for organization to effectively manage their workforce.

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Cover Letter Template

A cover letter is an introduction of candidate’s resume when he/she is applying for a job. It is written to a prospective employer that briefly summarizes candidate’s qualifications, why he/she wants to work for the organization and what he/she can uniquely bring to the job. It is an opportunity to distinguish you from the other candidates who are also applying for the same job. In other words, a cover letter introduce yourself to the prospective employer, talks about your goals, work experience and what you would like to accomplish while working with the organization. It is an opportunity to point out things about you that don't normally appear on your resume.

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Bonafide Template

A bonafide certificate is a certificate issued by the organization to its employee in order to ensure the identity of the concerned employee that he or she is working in a particular organization during a particular time period. An employee needs a bonafide certificate in number of cases in order to get his or her work done.

Feel free to give us your feedback regarding more template related to HR activities.

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