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Features At A Glance

Document Types
Document Types
"Manage all types of Documents at one place"

Employee: Manage all Issued, Submitted and Duplicate documents.

Internal and External: Manage Company and Employee Internal, External documents.

Vendor and Client: Manage all Invoices, Quotes, Proposals, Bills and other documents.

Project: Manage Documents separately for different projects and schemes.

Document Expire Notification
Expiry & Notifications
"Always stay updated on your documents compliance"

Alerts: Everyday alerts for expired or to be expiring documents.

Expiry notifications before 30 days of expiry date.

Classified into external and internal documents for employee and company.

Document Version Control
Version Control
"Keep track of necessary modification and updates"

Availability of all previous and latest versions of documents.

Modifier name history and dates.

Different title details and different document file always available, no over wright.

Document Search
Document Search
"Hassel free search saves your time and resource"

Easily accessible search on dashboard.

Efficient and quick search based on Index searching.

Available filters document name, document number and dates.

Classified into document type search.

Multiple Organization Document
Multiple Organizations
"Efficient and effective way to manage multiple organization at one place"

Create multiple organizations.

Default setting of organization.

Different dataset on organization change, displaying information like employee, documents keeping the settings same for ease of work.

Document Backup & Restore
Backup and Restore
"Always feel safe and secure"

Backup database at safe location or drive as per your need.

Restoring database is just a matter of minute.

Easy 1 step process for backup and restore.

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