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Kalosoft Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have a web venture named as which is an ecommerce business broadly integrated with social networking functionality in order to allow its users to share their shopping experiences, their personalized reviews on products and they can even share selling of their stuff with their friends and colleagues through online listing. The integration of shopping portal and social networking concept is done in order to start a popular trend called social shopping where users can enjoy the benefits like getting the recommended products which gets displayed on the canvas, comments from the people on framt network, like or share particular activities of friends and many more. Introduction of this social shopping concept helps users to get the better recommendation for products and that too from their trustworthy friends and community members. What can be better than this!

The social networking feature connects its users to outside world, a social world having friends, colleagues and acquaintances. One can send friend request to the people who are already on framt’s social arena or can see other friends option who are linked with their friends and can even invite persons for the list of their mailbox contacts to be a part of their network. This feature not only increases their social reach but also help user to earn lot of referral income which is a unique affiliate program where one will get a fixed monetary gain for his lifetime if it recommends people to join framt network and make purchases online.

The portal offers facility of building and maintaining profile, either as an individual who are willing to do online shopping or as a company which wish to sell their stuff online. The feature of having user profile helps building certain level of trust between both buyers and sellers since availability of user profile image provides better insight about each other which helps in maintaining the social relation on the network. This is really a great feature especially for the companies who wish to have a regular interaction with their customers and requires genuine feedback to keep their business go on with quality improvements.

The framt portal has its own selling engine which allows its registered individual users or companies to list their products to sell their stuff online and that too without paying any listing or success fee; the mandate is to have a one-time registered and verified paypal account so that payments from people who are buying their products can be received directly into their account. This feature facilitates a direct contact option for buyers and sellers by which both can resolve their selling and buying issues or may contact each other for general queries like replacement, refunds, etc. For each seller, whether individual or company, framt portal provides dedicated seller store interface where all the products from the concerned sellers are displayed and also an interface which displays basic information related to seller like its policies of return, payments, visualize received feedback from their buyers, company contacts, etc. These dedicated interfaces helps in building a trust factor regarding the authentication and services of the seller and make “sell your stuff” a worthy and hassle free process.

The registered users are also provided with their personalized MyAccount section which provides useful options to users as seller and buyer, depending upon their activities on the portal. This section provides some very essential options for sellers like keeping track of order details, order status, payments status and other likes and for buyers it provides different perspective like its purchases, pending purchases, its reviews on products, etc. So, the portal helps seller in maintaining selling logs so that the process completes with less difficulty and buyers would get the deliveries as promised. In conclusion, we maintain happy sellers and thus happy buyers.

Framt provides 4200 different well-formed categories of products like games, tools, electronic household products, computer and accessories, home and garden products and many more and at present it is featuring more than 100000 active products from verified sellers which are readily available to buyers. The user will not only get the insight of the selected category of products but can also have invited options to browse through all other related products or categories through our related category menu option being displayed with each single category.

In the present scenario, the portal caters the shopping and selling needs of United States but it is receiving tremendous traffic from other countries as well, so as future plans, company is committed to make it a global portal in order to serve larger extent of the countries with advanced feature of support in their local habitat including currency, language, culture, shipment, stock and other necessary business processes for ecommerce portal.

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