Client Relationship

Client satisfaction and communication is the key and highest priority for us, we believe that a satisfied client is the key to success.

Our Objective:

Is to understand the client’s requirement clearly and have a sound and good discussion over it, so as to deliver the quality product
and to the exact the needs of the client. Our team of experts also help the clients to better explain about their
requirements to us, by using the existing business models and developments in the global world and analyzing
the prospective requirement of the client which might occur in the whole process, then notify the client about it, so that he can have a full advantage of the experts
and be comfortable with his project accuracy.


Client can communicate with any member of the team, or the project manager, analyst, business management people whenever he wants to get in
touch to know the status of his projects, He can also connect with us through emails, Skype, messenger,
Voice chat, Video chat or through phone. Our team will always be there to clarify the things with our clients,
and to understand their communication with best of their knowledge and skills.


Kalosoft always believes in client satisfaction first and then about payments, we believe it’s our responsibility to deliver a good project which
is profitable to the client and accordingly receive the payments, it’s all about development of the project. Cost effective for clients: Power of outsourcing, low billing charge & Negotiable.


Kalosoft always believes in the transparent relations with the clients, even in difficult times. If ever a situation arises that a project that is behind schedule,
project release is not upto the expectation of the client we make it sure that discrepancies are rectified.
For better project management we follow the timesheet and worksheets.

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