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ExESS is developed to bring all relevant EH&S information together in one database. ExESS combines flexible data gathering and structuring in entities with powerful capabilities to define relations between those entities.
The ExESS reporting principles create a wide range of spreadsheet generation and report building based on Word templates.
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HI-System ERP Software

The package includes Accounting Module Marketing Module Sales and Distribution Module Operation Module
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HR Cube Employee

Keep all employee information at one place. Manage all types of details like quick details, work experience, skills, medical details, or other details

HR Cube Document

  • Employee: Manage all Issued, Submitted and Duplicate documents.
  • Internal and External: Manage Company and Employee Internal, External documents.
  • Vendor and Client: Manage all Invoices, Quotes, Proposals, Bills and other documents.
  • Project: Manage Documents separately for different projects and schemes.

Bubble Inventory

our inventory management software named as Bubble Inventory is designed, which primarily focus on inventory process for Business-to-Business sales transactions.

Project Cafe

It is a computer based solution to manage your project management tasks, without further complicating the process. Whether large or small, Project Café is suitably designed to handle all types of business projects.

For more product details please visit "www.hrcubesystem.com"

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