ExESS from Lisam Systems in association with Kalosoft Systems Technologies Pvt Ltd.


ExESS is developed to bring all relevant EH&S information together in one database. ExESS combines flexible data gathering and structuring in entities with powerful capabilities to define relations between those entities.

The ExESS reporting principles create a wide range of spreadsheet generation and report building based on Word templates.

As a flexible IT toolbox for EH&S , ExESS has predefined – ready to use - entity lists, properties, data libraries related to operational needs and legislation compliancy, grid- and screen layouts, report templates and flexible import and export capabilities.

The package includes Accounting Module Marketing Module Sales and Distribution Module Operation Module


  1. To generate the material safety data sheets MSDS according to EU standards.
  2. To modify the material safety data sheets MSDS.
  3. Customized set tool environment feature.
  4. Safety Data sheet management in respect to their clients.

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