HI-System ERP

Hi-System form IT-Spin Off in association with Kalosoft Systems Technologies Pvt Ltd

Hi- System consists of three Modules:

  1. HI-Account Module
  2. HI-Distribution Module
  3. HI-Marketing Module


Hi Account was designed to cover all needs of the enterprise in order to allow the best coverage of legal obligations and fiscal obligations,
to survey cost accounting and turnover, provide efficient cash management and assets management, budget analysis and eventual consolidation.

Hi Account is targets medium large enterprises and for the purpose is integrated with two other major modules known as HI-Distribution and HI-Marketing.

Hi Account has been developed in such a way to reduce manual input. Automatic input is featured at General Accounting level, Analytical level, and third parties.

The accounting department personnel freed from non productive input is now available for higher added value tasks like Results analysis, reporting, warning controls.

Thanks to the powerful tools like the Analytical balance sheets, the crossed reference balance sheet between General Accounting and Analytical Accounting the management
will benefit from real time control over all the activities and more precisely over Products and Services, departments, individuals, cars and vehicles, etc.


HI-Distribution was designed to allow the Enterprise to respond efficiently to the new modern Customers and Suppliers requirements and interfaces.

HI-Distribution procurement, store management, logistics, Stock management, Sales, Expedition, Pricing and Invoicing, HI-Distribution interfaces with
Hi Account to deliver all commercial data into the General and Analytical Accounting.

In summary HI-Distribution is a state of the art integration of the supply chain, linking procurement to the stocks, inventory management, and sales whilst
General and Analytical accounting are automatically updated.


HI-Marketing is integrated with the other Modules of HI System™ but is a separate module usable separately due to the high data volumes that it can generate and manipulate.

HI-Marketing was designed to insure a smooth relation with third parties from their “Prospect” status to their “Customer” status and further through all the commercial
transactions and events between the Enterprise and its Customers.

The philosophy of the HI-Marketing Module is best expressed by the following three phases:

  1. Select and Attract
  2. Acquire and Sell
  3. Assist and Serve

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