Mainframe Project

Client: European Client

Description:  Project is analysing the Mainframe programs, and writing the documentation for the existing mainframe programs.

  • Reading and understanding the PLI, Cobol, DB2, JCL codes and the SQL query handling and making the documentation for as is situation for contextual validation, syntax validation, mappings, screen designs, Buffers, Initialisation.
  • Explaining the functional description for the programs line by line in accordance with the validation, mapping, initialisation, syntax validation, screen designs, and buffers
  • Expansion of short names to business names for PLI and DB2 Conversions.
  • Delivering of the project at the client side through the tool and then integrating.

Technology: Mainframe Platform, Mega Tool, Lotus Notes, Ad Hoc Conversion Tool

Change Request for Online Portal

Description:  Validating and understanding of the existing system, suggesting the changes, validating the revenue and business model to the client, framing of the changes. 

  • Implementation of the change request, optimization of the portal and maintaining the portal.
  • The approach used for requirement engineering and implementing is agile approach.

Technology: ASP.Net with C#, MS-SQL 2005, .Net Framework 2.0, Ajax.

Online Auction Portal

Client: Indian Client

Description:Understanding the top level design requirement from the client, designing of the basic functional design, business design, portal data flow and the user experience design and analysis. 

  • Implementing the revenue model in different places and in different layers of the portal
  • Implementation of payment gateway module, at different revenue structures
  • Optimisation of the portal, setting up of the dashboard for the analysis of the Optimisation and performance

Technology: Java

Dateline Dehradun

Description: An integrated dynamic web portal designed to home local classifieds, social networking and article-writing on a single platform. The project has well-versed admin panel to control the visibility of information on user-interfaces.

Modules: Classified Management, Social Networking, Article Management, Admin panel integrated with mailing system.

Challenges: Database design complexity, Ajax implementation, Menu Management.

Technology: .Net Framework 4.0, using C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, JQuery, AJAX.

Doon Discover

Description:  A dynamic portal designed to provide regional information based on region selected by the user plus the feature for registered user to create listing of its own service and then advertise it and add reviews to other business.

Modules:Local Classified Management, User Profile Management, Admin panel integrated with mailing system.

Challenges: Display of region-based interfaces on the basis of the selection made, Profile management to be linked with user activities like commenting, reviewing, etc.

Technology: .Net Framework 4.0, using C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, JQuery, AJAX.

Bipin Chandra Tripathi Kumao Engineering official college website

Description:  Official website of regional college “Bipin Chandra Tripathi Kumao Engineering college”. The website shows all the college-centric information along with other dynamic contents like college news, events, notes management, etc.

Modules: News Management, Tenders Management, Notes Management, Faculty Profile Management.

Challenges: Integration of faculty profile to Notes management system, Timetable Management.

Technology: using C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, JQuery, AJAX.

Lisam Systems (Belgium)

Description:  The official website of Lisam Systems displaying basic information about the company and dynamic features like inclusion of news, distributors, partners and some other features (avoiding modules and feature names due to privacy policy with the client)

Technology: using C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, JQuery, AJAX.

MSDS Software and Authoring Website

Description:   ExESS in association with Lisam, is used to generate MSDS, label and other Hazardous documents for chemicals which are having the hazardous or Toxic Liquid present in it as per European Union Regulations and Global Harmozid system (GHS). ExESS software is a solution that has been developed for authoring MSDS and other safety documents which are in compliance with multiple regulations across the globe.

Challenges: Customization of client Labels as per Reach, GHS, CLP regulations in accordance with the composition of chemical product, Preparing of Annexure VI database provided by European Union for the Lisam ExESS Software.

Childtracking System

Description:  An automated hosting and reporting system to aide Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in keeping track about the need for educational establishments in rural or urban areas. The project provides full-fledge crystal reports to be presented before the management. The reports are intended to help management in the decision making process.

Challenges: Managing and maintaining of 22 Lakh children database from all over Uttarankhand Under the project of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, generation of reports based on different criteria's like age, income group, community and many more which makes it a complicated to be performed on large database.

Technology: using C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, JQuery, AJAX.

Freelancer work sharing portal

Description:  Online platform to share the free lancers work and get work provider and service provider together. The project deals with the chain system of building a freelancer team to bid for a particular project on the basis of their experience, roles and responsibility. Each service provider can work from his own location and can chek in his work for the other members to continue and later on it can be submitted to the work provider.

Challenges: Dashboard for checking in of work and other members to accept. Join creation for different free lancers from various other countries to get together on basis of searching and request management.

Krishna Nursery & Agriculture Farm:

Description:  Official website of Krishna Nursery & Agriculture Farm, DehraDun which provides all garden plants related information at one place. The website provides complete insight of the nursery and its activities.

Phrase generation and Sorting Software tool for Lisam Systems Belgium

Description:  It is an utility built to sort the MSDS Authoring datasheets in 22 international languages. The tool integrates the then sorted and generated report online for remote report generation by the clients.

Challenges: Sorting and new sheet generation, needs to be performed on 40000 chemical phrases in 22 International Languages by each character for accuracy. Report generation needs to be integrated online as a utility, so client can perform the functions himself and can obtain the reports.

Online Shopping Portal integrated with social network

Description: is our in-house portal of ecommerce integrated with Social Network deals in 4200 categories of products especially designed for American markets.

Challenges: Integration between shopping and social activities of users, keeping track of America’s online shopping trends.

Upcoming Projects

CMS (College Management System)

CMS is a centralized management system which is designed to integrate practically all the functions of an educational institution. The system automates organizational functions and provides quick in-hand data for management to make decisions.

Proposed Module

  • Admin Module.
  • Library Module.
  • Student Admission & Fee Module.
  • News & Notices Module.
  • Examination Module.
  • Student Module.
  • Faculty Module.
  • HR Module.
  • Appraisal Setup & Management.
  • Director Module.
  • Hostel Module.
  • Stock Module.
  • Transport Module.
  • Canteen Management Module.
  • Admin Panel

Intelligent Notes management System (Using Windows Platform)

Intelligent Notes Management System is a proposed project which would help the project evaluators in any educational institute in their evaluation task and make it an automated task to be carried.

Knowledge Management System [SAAS (Software as a service) Application]

The Knowledge Management System is being proposed to design in order to manage almost all the information in an organization and monitors the rational path of knowledge sharing among different departments in an organization.

Proposed Modules: Registration and Profile, Payments & Subscription, File sharing, FAQ & Help Center Module.

framt- ecommerce portal integrated with social network

The project is to make some customized user-friendly enhancements in the running ecommerce portal integrated with social the present portal focuses American markets in specific while the proposed one would make enhancement based on marketing trends of other countries as well.

Enhanced ChildTracking System

It is hosting and reporting solution provided for Sarv Siksha Abhiyan to manage the records of of the surveys. This proposed system would now have the following advance functions:

  • Searching and Advance Searching Feature of the recorded contents.
  • Management of Crystal Reports.
  • Downloading of the Reports.
  • User-friendly Interface for the Management.
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