Custom Software Development


Customized software is a demand of every business domain in order to achieve business specific functionality. As it can be realized, every individual business, in spite of falling in a common domain, has something different to offer. Kalosoft Systems Technologies provide Custom Software Development as a service to such businesses in order to meet the exact demands of the business. To put a right word, this service helps in providing “Client-Driven” software.

This service facilitates developing of client-centric software. So, it is client-centric and client-based approach of developing the software. The custom software development is intended to infuse all the functionalities into the software that would efficiently and completely defines your business need.

Quality planning and design is what makes the key feature of custom software design. Hence, we invest significant amount of effort in planning and designing the software specifications. Documentation is done in order to understand the flow of the requirements and a design prototype is prepared for the consent of the client.

Process of custom software development normally involves the following, but is not limited to:

  • Interaction with the client to understand its basic requirements, business model (if any), scope and limitation of the software,
  • Preparing design specifications to create a prototype of the proposed software,
  • Analysis of comparative products in the target market in order to predict the success rate of the proposed software,
  • Analysis based on suggestions from client to check their authentication and feasibility,
  • Designing as stage-by-stage process to have proper understanding of the flow of the requirements from the user,
  • Documenting the administrative and user modules in order to provide a user manual,
  • Programming the software using appropriate technologies in order to meet the requirement of the client appropriately,
  • Testing/Validations to avoid any discrepancies while running the software,
  • Client Support (Training and support material provided) for making the handler of the software aware about the delivered system.
  • Ongoing development and maintenance to meet adaptive, preventive and corrective requirement of the software.

Our custom software development helps you to achieve business centric gains and success.

Since we follow the Prototyping Modeling, the custom software development gets added benefits of more refined requirements inclusion during the development process.