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  Software Development Services


Kalosoft Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers customised software development services for medium and small scale business which would facilitate automation of one’s business. The customized software is designed by keeping the individual business requirements into consideration.

We also focus on website designing to cater the online market reach of one’s business. Web portals that offer some service, company-based website showing company specific information, and commercially-enhanced websites are some areas for which we deliver our expertise.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), must-a-do task to market one’s website over the World Wide Web is another area for which we are committed to deliver our services. We specifically and broadly focus on making SEO-friendly websites which will include basic techniques like correct title tag, Meta tags, keywords, description. All the search engine specific policies and guidelines are followed while implementing SEO in a website. In a nutshell, we provide Technical SEO consultancy (on-demand), Robots handling, Google site-map creation, configuring google’s webmaster and analytics tools, programmatic implementation of SEO-friendly concepts and all its variants.

Infrastructure Management to provide remote IT Management Services and Outsourced Business IT Support to growing companies, is also provide by our company as a service. The service includes allocation of basic office set-up with all basic amenities like internet, telephone, conference room, security, etc., office address for correspondence, appointment of employees through our payroll facility service. The Infrastructure Management service helps in 20-30% cost reduction of IT operations, direct infrastructural investment, and easy prediction of IT costs.

We also make our reach in cloud computing and provides solution for one of very useful service of cloud computing called Software As a Service (SAAS). This service allows you to remotely access one-time subscribed software via internet connection. SAAS provides solutions for most of the business applications like accounting, collaboration, Customer Relation Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and much more. The main advantage of using SAAS is to lower the software cost and its usage.

Kalosoft Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd has a quality experience of consultancy in the IT arena. We strive to provide business model designing for medium and small-scale businesses, SEO consultancy, revenue designing for E-commerce portals, infrastructure management and employee management consultancy. To mention some of our experience, we provided consultation for a European client to establish its business in India, for the field of tendering and notification process, for online shopping portals, etc.

For developing software, we use prototype modeling technique, in which client doesn’t have to freeze the requirements in the beginning of the project; the client can make modifications and implement his new ideas during the time of software development. This gives client a tailored software which full-fills the business requirements perfectly.

We are trying to set up an outsource centre for all the small, medium scale companies and the individuals who want innovative new ideas and develop their software in best prices so that they can take the benefit of outsourcing from India. We also maintain and manage your web application and customized software.