Technical SEO


Marketing a website demands more effort than its build. Our company invests efforts in providing the full Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which covers the on-page SEO, compliant with W3C standards.

Building an SEO friendly website includes all the basic techniques like correct title tag, meta tags, keywords, description. All this may look simple but there are guidelines which need to be followed as per search engine policies. Some of the common mistakes that needs to be taken care of, are- length of title tags, stuffing the keywords, length of meta description- too long or too short and many others. So a sufficient effort must be strive for to bring benefits to your business.

What we provide in Technical SEO

  • Handling and proper use of images on the website, which may affect the speed of the website and can hurt SEO.
  • Fixing of Alt tags.
  • Use of client side and server side programming in appropriate ratio.
  • Caching of web-pages.
  • Ajax and Jquery implementation.
  • Google sitemap creation.
  • Robots handling.
  • Error handling of redirects, exceptions or removed pages.
  • Setting up of webmaster tool to give you an insight of google’s crawling statistics.
  • Setting up of Google analytics to monitor day to day performance statistics.
  • SEO consultancy (On-Demand) –Do’s and Don’ts of SEO.