Website Design


Kalosoft Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers customized website development service. We strive to provide websites of the following scope:

  • Business website to display business-centric content.
  • E-commerce website portraying business and revenue model of the business.
  • Personal website focusing to display personalized requirements on the webpages.
  • Dynamic website with client managed backend

We develop websites using Asp.Net technology. The technology offers many robust features which would help in making a consistent and stable website. Dynamic websites built using Asp.Net technology provides some effective features like on-the-fly updates, better management for web applications, built-in security through authentication/authorization methods, full support for enhanced web standards and browser compatibility etc.

We focus on certain basic quality criteria to be embedded in the website. Some of those basic features are listed below:

  • A properly planned and specialized business and revenue model is featured in order to generate some fiscal benefits from the website. The models so designed follow the accepted market trends in order to be effective.
  • The website would have a dedicated searching feature that facilitates target users to search the relevant content specifically on website. This will hold the visited user over the website for longer time period.
  • The website will contain the content that is SEO-friendly. The feature is required to increase the probability of website appearance in search pages of a search engine. Efficient SEO measures if taken would increase the ranking of the website.

     While designing the website, our developers remain focused to provide some benefits to our clients. Some of them are:
  • The content and functionality of website are client-based and client centric. In more refine words, the designed websites are customized showing business of the client.
  • The website contains content and design which follows the current and accepted trends. The widely used and popular icons, the color theme, the content position on the website are some of the basic feature that is focused under this benefit.
  • The websites are designed by keeping the target market visitors in mind. This implies that the website would contain the functionality and content structure according to the user for whom the website is meant to be showcased.
  • The website will provide user-friendly environment to give their target visitors an easy to navigate interface where the surfing becomes a hassle free task. There will be self-expressing web-pages.
  • The website will have a balanced ratio of images and contents, cache handling, robust database connectivity, use of Javascript to enhance performance and use of JQuery to provide more attractive interface and optimization.