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Documents – Inseparable part of Business

Beginning with conception of business idea and throughout the business timeline, documents are omnipresent.

You need them to maintain the business records, employee’s information, daily schedules & agendas, legal documents, hiring letters, termination letters, HR records, etc. It is necessary to arrange them into categories for easy access and proper management throughout the hierarchy of the organization. Hired positions like HRs, Assistant Managers work hard to keep the documents in place with all latest updates and they do it repeatedly. Though their management talent cannot be doubted but still there may evolve some limitations due to repeated nature of tasks. In such scenario software comes handy especially if it is designed for Employee Document Management purpose.

Management using E-Docs

Document management has some set ruled tasks which are usually of repetitive nature. For example, HR has to prepare appointment letters every now and then with same or slightly change format. This is not it. Besides writing the appointment letters, records have to be maintained about when it was drafted, presented, signed and accepted plus its expiry, if any. HR has to maintain counter records for each appointment letter. Once maintained, records have to be fetched, very often. This may sound simple but when the count of appointment letters crosses thousands or lac, special thought is needed. For these and similar other situations, EDocs management software are the solution. They give you accuracy, speed, mass data evaluation, quick access to records, different filtering and sorting options.

HR Cube Document Management Software is one-stop solution for EDocs management process.

HR Cube Document Management Software (HR Cube- DMS)

HR Cube is Human Resource Management Software which include HR supported functions at one place, like Employee Management, Payroll, Document Management, Notification, HR Daily Dashboard, Employee Travel, Training, Grievance, Leaves Management, Performance Measurement, Attendance, Reports, Compliance & Legal Records, Organization Rules Configuration.

HR Cube Document Management Software is a part of HR Cube, configured and designed separately for handling only Employee & their document information. Here is what you can expect.

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