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HR Cube Server / Client 2015 (LAN Based Model)

HR Cube Server Client Setup

On premises client server model consists of two different applications, one is the server and another is client. These two applications HR Cube server and HR Cube client is connected to each other through LAN network.

In client server model you store all the information and data at Server and access that information through the client.

You can choose to have multiple clients to a single server so everybody is working on the same data which guarantees that information is consistent and updated.

Client Server HR Cube comes with all the modules and features of HR Cube Stand Alone. It also have the features to Manage the clients through the server, like client credentials, log file, access permissions.

The business needs to centralize the functions and data related to Human Resource Management. HR Cube 2015 standalone version is sufficient if stuff is handled at single system, usually by single HR executive. But it becomes limited if your business needs a common server PC to hold all HR data & files and share the same with one or more HR executives, working on their own workstations. Such need is fulfilled by our HR Cube 2015 variant called Client-Server Model.

How it works?

The images below shows the working of Client-Server Model of HR Cube 2015

HR Cube Server Client Understand

HR Cube Server Client Setup

Who Needs Client-Server Model for HR Management

If your organization (or management) wants to keep all HR concerning data and files on localized computer system under the control of single administrator and provides different work systems to other HR executives where they can add, edit or modify employee information, their salary structure, their leave records, attendance, travel details, documents, etc., then this model is for you.

The administrator will have client management, client functional permissions management and can monitor the functional log of all connected client PCs.

Features of Client-Server Model of HR Cube

  • All data and files will reside on server which is located in your own company premises. This ensures data availability and security.
  • The connectivity between server and client PCs is made via LAN
  • Admin at Server can provide different authorizations & functional permissions to all connected client systems ( other HR Executives’ systems).
  • From Server System, admin can restrict the other client systems by deactivating their account.
  • Admin can restrict the use of various functional permissions for clients like adding, editing, payroll management, etc. functions of HR Cube.
  • All client’s activity will be monitored by admin at server system.
  • AThe companies who want to implement (On premises HR Solution) at one location.
  • The company who are having more the 1 or 2 HR Persons or have a huge information and employee activities to manage.
  • The companies whose employee count is more than 200 and to manage the HR activities you need more personal to handle the HR tasks. It also allows the freedom to management personal to view the HR activities and HR information at their own desk, without asking for information from their HR people.
  • Your Information is always safe with you and on your own servers. Added security No one can access the company and employee information over the internet.

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