HUMIS – Human Intelligence Analytical System

HUMIS (Talent Management Solution) as it’s a talent management system with the in-built intelligence algorithm so we coined it as (Humis) Human Intelligence Analytical System.

It facilitates HR and Team Managers to manage their team in accordance to the individual and organizational goals.

The solution allows measuring the exact productivity of the employee based on his efforts and goals achieved. It calculates profit and loss of the employee output based on HUMIS algorithm, which allows the exact results and its measurement in terms of monitory value.

This helps the Managers to align the resource on fast track without losing money for the organization and providing proper solutions to a team member.

The solutions are inbuilt in the system which helps managers in understanding the employee performance gap, and you can even create your own solutions if its needed.

Tracking of solutions on employee and monitoring their performance against it, makes it an excellent solution for performance management.

Implemented solutions and its financial and effort improvement can be easily tracked by our line graph, which shows the actual improvement and decline from the last implemented solution.

As performance is the cumulative practice and needs everybody to perform well enough to make organization grow. This is very well monitored in our organization Improvement Graph, which tell the exact number of organization on who solution is implemented and what is the output achieved.

As HUMIS is not an ordinary talent management solution, it’s the intelligence system and we say you must try it if you are looking for the accurate and intelligence talent management solution.

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