About HRCube System

 About HRCube System

HRCube System is a section of Kalosoft Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which has team members from domain of software development, marketing and business analysis. The team continuously works together to bring to you the software which world bring value addition for your business.

We concentrated on three basic work domains of any business around the globe – Project Management , Employee Management and Inventory Management. The major struggle is to get the basic functions being covered in these three working areas. Our analysis team works to identify these basic functions and the development team blends them together. And the results are HR Cube, Project Café and Bubble Inventory as software products.

HR Cube is one of the most suitable software for HR Managers as it covers two major aspects of HR management – Employee Information Management & Documents Management. For some additional flavours, it also includes leave management, payroll management and attendance management.

Project Café provides appropriate flow in managing a project, by saving project details and managing resources working on the project. by doing this, it helps in solving the most important intention of project management – controlling cost of project.

Similarly, Bubble Inventory covers basic functions of product management and customer order management.

The focus of our team is to provide software solutions that work in association with nature of your business to provide you the appropriate ROI.

HRCube System is solely a company of its clients and customers who provide positive or negative feedbacks and also let us know what they would like to have in Kalosoft business software. We are highly indebted to you all.

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