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Frequently Asked Question

Question 1. What software are offered by Business Manager?

Ans. Small Business Software offers business software solutions that are required by small and medium scale businesses. All software are promoted under name of Business Manager. The core solutions under business manager are:

Question 2. Can I try the software for free before buying them?

Ans. Of course, you can. All business manager software are available for download and you can use the trial version for 30 days for free.

Question 3. Can I use the updated version of Business Manager software while I am using its trial version?

Ans. Yes. Once you installed a version of any of the Business Manager software, you can continue using it free for next 30 Days. After the lapse of these 30 Days of free trial, you cannot again install the same version and use it for free for next 30 Days. However, you can use the updated version of the same software for next 30 Days as free trial version.

Question 4. How can I purchase the software online?

Ans. At description page of every product, there is button having text as “Add to Cart”. Once you click on the button, it will show you the page with summary of software chosen along with its price. With the summary box, there is button whose text says “Checkout”. This would take you to the page having purchase software summary with a button text that says “Pay Now” on clicking of which you will be redirected to the PayPal payment portal from where you can make the payment.

Question 5. Can I pay from my credit or debit card or net banking to buy software?

Ans. At present, we do not provide payment options via debit or credit card or net banking. The only preferable payment mode presently is through PayPal. It is easy to create and account at PayPal.
Visit for more details. If you are in a country where PayPal services don’t work please drop us a mail at and we will get back to you.

Question 6. Can I get the software in CD box?

Ans. The only way, at present, to have any software from us is to download it from this website. There are no hard form distributions (In CD Box) of Business Manager software.

Question 7. How many licenses can your software support?

Ans. The free or trial version of Business Manager software supports only single license. Multiple licenses option will be available with the paid version of Business Manager software. For buying multiple licenses, contact us.

Question 8. How can I purchase multiple licenses?

Ans. To purchase multiple license, please , contact our sales team or call us at 8899352255 or Email us at

Question 9. Why every software of Business Manager has version number with it?

Ans. Version number is a combination of digits associated with each Business Manager software which control the changes and upgradation made within the functions of the software.

Question 10. How will I get the updated version of the Business Manager software?

Ans. Every software of Business Manager has a version number associated with it which can be seen on the title bar of every software when you will run them. You can match the version with the one present on our site. If you find the change in digits, download the newer version from our site.

Question 11. Will my data get lost if I update my software with its corresponding newer version?

Ans. No. Whether you are upgrading from free version to license version or upgrading within the licensed versions, your previously maintained data in the software will not be lost and you can access them the way you were accessing in previous versions.

Question 12. I have purchased software from your website few days back and now it is showing newer version of the same software. Do I have to pay for the same software again?

Ans. Once you have purchased the software from our site, all the updated versions thereafter will be available to download for free.

Question 13. Will Business Manager software work on Windows 7 operating system?

Ans. Yes. All software of Business Manager works absolutely fine on Windows 7 operating system.

Question 14. Will Business Manager software work on 64 bit machines?

Ans. Yes. 64 bit machines also support the working of all software from Business Manager.

Question 15. Can I get discount on purchasing Business Manager software?

Ans. The discount on the purchase price of the software will be awarded in case of purchasing the multiple licenses. Contact us for more on this.

Question 16. Are Business Manager software available in language other than English?

Ans. At present, the interfaces of all Business Manager software are designed in English Language. Soon, other languages would be supported by the software.

Question 17. Do I need any other additional application in my system to run Business Manager software.

Ans. The specific technical requirement to efficiently run Business Manager software is to have .Net framework and SQL compact edition being installed in your working machine. Luckily, these both are available when you purchase your PC or laptop as they are inbuilt in advance versions of Windows like Window Vista, XP, windows 7. So there is no requirement of additional installation of these applications. For better graphics, ensure the proper working for your drivers.

Question 18. Can Business Manager software run on Linux/Unix/Ubuntu/Mac operating systems?

Ans. Presently, Business Manager software are designed for Windows Platform only.

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For more specific questions related to any of the software, you will find the help section in every software that you will download.

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