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HR Cube - Take A Quick Tour

Step 1 : Let your organization details to enter in HR Cube

To start with HR Cube, it is very important to enter your organizational details so that whenever your organization gets linked to another company through e-mails, the receiver company can get a proper profile about your organization. For this,
  • Go to the Organization menu.

  • Click on Add Organization Details icon.

  • Fill up the details as name of organization, office phone number, mobile number, primary & alternative E-mail address, FAX, complete postal address, website URL.

  • After all the details are inserted you can check the organization details any time by clicking on View Organization Details option.

  • In case some changes needs to be made, then you can try Organization Edit Organization Details. Changes will be made easily.

  • Moreover, organization details can be enhanced by adding an official logo of an your organization

Organization details make work easy for those who are new to the work as well as to organization. HR Cube can act as reference point whenever there is need to know about the basic details of the company. Process of adding organization details in HR Cube saves time & reduces the paper work also.