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Compliance & Legal Functions

  1. List of Compliances

    Labour compliances, workplace compliance or be it any domain specific compliance (for example, chemical safety data sheet compliance for all chemical based industries), just make a list of them with elaborated details.

    HR can refer to information like what are the consequences of non-compliance, any renewal date in terms of compliance matter like certificates, products warranty expiry, etc., importance resources where HR can have more information in relation with the listed compliance such as official websites, regulations act, online software tools, etc.

  2. Non-Compliance Effects & Resolutions

    One of the most important information provided by compliance form of HR Cube is that of about non-compliance consequences and their resolutions. Whether expert is using HR Cube, or the newly recruited HR executive, anyone can refer this piece of information and help in avoiding non-compliance actions that may arise over the organization. With this information, any discrepancy in following a compliance mandate can be addressed well within the valid time period.

  3. Monitoring Legal Issues

    Legal conflicts and issues are unavoidable part of any business. TO avoid any complications, their proper note is important. As an HR of the company, it becomes one of your jobs to keep note of all legal issues of/by company.

    Keep their status record and change it along with its pace. Also set the reminder date for next hearing of the legal issue. Set a reminder alarm in HR Cube for the date when you wanted software to display a pop-up which shows the approaching hearing date for the issue.