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Activate & Deactivate Employees

  1. Activate While Hiring
    The employee is shown “active” for the status in the software if software contains at least some essential details of the employee. The HR completes the profile of every employee; information like personal & contact details, medical details, qualification, etc. Till the time HR do not explicitly mark employee as “Inactive”, the software lists that employee under list of “Active” employees.
  2. Documents related to appointment
    There are certain set of documents taken from the employee at the time of job appointment like identity proofs, past job documents, medical certificate, last drawn salary slips, and many other documents, as per policy of the company. When all other details about employee is entered into software, there is section which gives interface where all documents collected from the employee are uploaded (so that all HR related documents can be grouped in specified folder of your drive).
  3. Delete Employee & its Information
    HR Cube 2015 version onwards, software has included facility to delete employees with all their information, documents and references made within the software. This is higly critical feature to use, hence a re-confirming pop-up is included to be double sure before you proceed with deleting an employee from HR Cube.
  4. Deactivate while relieving
    To keep record that employee has left the organization and all the official formalities have been completed for the employee, it is important to mark the concerned employee as “inactive”, in the software. In our HRIS software, the form is provided to HR where he/she can select the employee, list all the documents that need to be issued, mark company’s facilities which have been discontinued for the employee and finally, mark the status as “deactivate employee”. Thereon, the software will show the status of employee as “inactive”.
  5. Issue documents related to relieving
    At times when employee leaves the organization (or terminated by management) there are some associated formal letters which are to be issued. These documents can be relieving letter, experience letter, letter of termination, etc. The system keeps record of what all documents have already been issued to employee. These records help in various form of data analysis, for the HR as well as for the management.