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Analysis Report

  1. Employees waiting for their documents
    Whenever, some official documents are issued or collected from employees, the HR keeps its name in the software, attached with its respective employee. Continuous record making fills the database with information which can be use for analysis of data. HR can daily visualize the list of employees who are waiting for their official documents (whether at time of hiring or at the time of relieving). This helps in better HR service.
  2. Employees Recommended by HR
    A function is available in HR Cube where HR can put some recommending notes about an employee. All these recommendations get saved in database and become available to HR or management in a quick view whenever a need is felt. All the recommendations are recorded with valid note & reason. Such a useful data helps in decision making at the time of appraisals, performance evaluations and promotions.
  3. Leave Details
    Our HR Cube also records data about the leave availed by employee, which can be viewed in a manner so as list all the leaves taken by employee in particular period. This listed data acts as a quick report to analyze the leave pattern and pattern of punctuality of the employee.
  4. Grievance Analysis
    Another important data that is available for analysis is the data of grievance of an employee. Every time some issue occur at workplace like personal arguments, complaints among employees or other disputes, the HR make note of each of them. At time analysis, the management can identify the most disputable person, the person who took initiatives most of the time for solving the issues, etc. Such information can be considered for performance appraisals, at times when dispute becomes exaggerated or some other valid point of need.