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Attendance Marking & Records Keeping

  1. Single Employee Attendance Marking
    Every piece of information about attendance of each individual employee is heavy to maintain. Thus, a dedicated attendance sheet where every attendance status is just concerned with the selected employee becomes the most loved feature. HR Cube allows you to open dedicated attendance sheet for every single employee where precise attendance status about him/her can be marked. Each date on the attendance sheet has 7 attendance statuses that can be marked – Present, Absent, Holiday, Company Holiday, Half Day, On Leave and Other Leave. Accordingly, HR can click on the status for the particular date. The saving of each status being clicked is done automatically by the software.
  2. Bulk Attendance Marking
    You have read the benefits of marking attendance of each individual employee. There is other aspect too, i.e. marking attendance for more than one employee in one single attendance sheet. Our software provides this functionality as well. When All Employee Attendance option is selected by user, it lists all the employees in sheet containing pre-defined attendance statuses. By mere selection of the required date of attendance, the attendance can be marked for all the listed employees.
  3. Attendance Reports
    Attendance report of employees is referred by management personnel for operational and strategic decisions. The major and basic information that is needed is the attendance percentage. Wondering how HR Cube provides you such vital information? Simply by asking you the number of working days in the selected month and then automatically calculating the attendance percentage for the employee. Just like attendance marking, the report can also be displayed for single and multiple employees. The report can be printed as hard copy.
  4. Online Attendance Register Format
    The traditional way of attendance keeping is in register. We have tried to give the same ease of attendance register maintenance in our HR Cube attendance management feature. This makes the process least confusing and easily implementable. The reports and their printed copy are also in readable form due to this “attendance register format”.
  5. Quick Attendance Marking from Dashboard
    Dashboard of HR Cube is meant for providing quick useable HR features in an open format. The presence of marking attendance option on the dashboard provides swiftness of function since attendance management is frequent task for HR.