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Grievance Record

  1. Record Grievance Issue
    Disagreement is human nature which can mostly occur at workplace where everyone is trying to achieve the common goals. HR’s job profile also includes the grievance handling as one of the function. HR Cube supports HR in this function by giving a feature where the grievance issue is recorded by the names of the concerned persons, date of reporting, brief description and the steps taken by concerned authority to solve or minimize the grievance. There are some general types of grievance one can note in the software such as verbal arguments, personal issues, breach of conduct, etc.
  2. List All Grievance Issue
    The grievance issue makes one of the parameters that are taken into account by management or supervisor, while listing the criteria for performance evaluation. The information about all the disputes related to an employee becomes helpful in analyzing the disputable quotient of any employee. Thus, this becomes an important information section for HR, supervisors and of course, the management.
  3. Analyze the Grievance of an Employee
    The information about all grievances that originated at workplace forms the basis of some useful observations and analysis. Management can sort out the names of most disputable employees, employees who mostly play the role of judge for settlement, who are responsible for harming the environment at workplace and any other kind of perception can be made based on the grievance information.