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Employee Salary Slips Generation

  1. Salary Based on Job Status
    In organizations, employees are hired at different job status. Few common ones are – Full-time, Part-time, Consultant, On Contract, Hourly, etc. These job statuses define the number of working hours and its respective compensation amount. Thus this important information is saved in HR Cube at the time of filling profile information for an employee. The screen asks for type of job status and in case the employee is on hourly wages, the hourly working rate and overtime cost per hour is also available for HR to fill in the appropriate fields provided.
  2. Create Salary Attributes
    Apart from some basic salary heads, companies may have different salary attributes and structure. For this purpose, the user of HR Cube is free to create his/her company specific salary heads along with mentioning whether it is an income for an employee or deduction salary head to be made from company’s end.
  3. Allocate Salary Structure to Each Employee
    Each employee is awarded different payroll structure which is based on their designation, experience etc. This concept is also taken care of within the software and HR is allowed to enter the payroll amount for each individual employee of the company. If you work with multiple currencies while paying salaries to different employees, option is also available where you can set the currency symbol that is used.
  4. Generate Salary-slips
    The record about paying salary to each employee must be maintained. The official document for such records is the issuing of salary slips. With HR Cube, the salary slips in proper printable format can be generated. One just needs to mention the number of working days based on which salary slips are generated with calculated amount.
  5. Review Payroll History
    On each salary slip that is generated, the records are maintained as history for the purpose of future review. The screen would list all the salaries paid so far along with the formatted slip that was generated. The duplicate copy of the salary slip can again be printed.
  6. Hourly Wages Management
    As mentioned in first feature, HR can mention the hourly wages amount for a selected employee at time of adding or registering him/her with the software. That amount is then be used for calculating the total wages for the total hours worked by that employee. The interface is again simple to look and it gets the wages calculated automatically.
  7. Manage Employee’s Salary from Dashboard quickly
    Just like attendance marking and accessibility of other frequently used functions of HR, generation of salary slip for the selected employee is also available on dashboard. Each month or at time of wages calculation, one can simply click on the name of the employee from the list that appears on dashboard and chose the option to Pay Employee Salary.