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Employee Training Functions

  1. Schedule Training

    Some trainings in company are compulsory while some are good to have; some will earn you extra appreciation in performance while some other will provide you a career boosting certificate. Whatever is the nature of your training for employees, a proper note of it with complete authentic data will help at the time of performance evaluation or for completing mandatory company norms. HR cube provides you just appropriate way of keeping information about all previous & upcoming training schedules. As can be seen from the screenshot below, all relevant training information is being available on single form.

    Save training essential details, trainer’s reference, any associated URLs for more introduction, its cost, should it affect compensation of the employee, etc.

  2. Maintain Participants List

    One part of the above mentioned HR Cube 2015 form saves training schedule’s essentials while the other part of the form provides a utility to list employees’ details who are to become participant of selected training schedule.

    Clicking on Add Employee under Participants heading opens up the interface where on left side you would select the employee and on right hand side, the added participants get listed.

  3. Save Training Related Documents

    Training schedule are usually backed up by certain related documents like Training Manual, Training rules, Training importance, so on and so forth. Just upload a training concerning document with manual entry of training information that is fed into the software and make your data management even stronger.

  4. List Participants in PDF

    Scheduling & conducting training is a dynamic event. It involves more than pen-paper work ( now-a-days, computer), before, during and even after training commences. An organized list of training participants is one such dynamic activity, when you plan to schedule a training program in your organization.

    You will find Download Participant button. It will download and open the listed of participants of the selected training programme into a PDF file.

    You may then send this file for printing or can just Email it concerned people.