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Travel Module - Intensive

  1. Make Travel Schedule

    Whether it is a short-term travel or a long-term business travel stay of your employees, record every relevant details; the destination, purpose, estimated budget, co-passengers, travel mode with details, accommodation, departure and arrival dates.

  2. Accommodation & Travel Details

    For proper tracking, each minute detail related to accommodation and travelling is saved in Travel management function of HR Cube. Starting from the day of travel, to uploading the tickets, keeping driver’s information, fare details, check-in & check-out details.

  3. Co-Passenger List

    Mention all relevant details for the co-travelers for more precise travel records. Co-traveler may be any other colleague from same or different department or can be friend or family member of the travelling employee. The quick option is provided with list of employees to choose from.

  4. Travel Checklist

    Travel schedules are professional when planned from company’s side. A checklist is one last minute thing which will make travel a pleasant experience. Plus a checklist while business travel is all the more important. Hence, for HR as well as employee reference, software allows you to make a checklist and print the same.

  5. Printed Travel Details

    All the above mentioned travel details can be transferred to a PDF file by generating a report. This can be printed and handed over to concern department and travelers. The report is summarized on single sheet so that most the information is made available in single glance.

  6. Automatic Travel History

    An automatic travel history is nonetheless the most valuable piece of information for management as well as HR department. Every time you make a schedule of travel for employee within HR Cube, a history keeps on generating for all future references.