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Employee Verification

  1. Verify While Registering
    The candidate, who is shortlisted in interview to be hired, needs to be verified from different sources, in order to confirm his/her said attributes. This verification is done either by company itself or a third-party consulting firm is hired for this process. Whatever the way is used, HR Cube makes it important that the all the registered employees of the system must have “Verified” mark with their name. Employee who is still waiting for his verification will be reported by the software.
  2. Attach Employee Verified Documents
    Verification of an employee is supported by attaching the authentic documents of the employee in the software. These documents can be referred anytime for more details. Software gives you ability to attach any number of documents with each employee.
  3. Separate Handling of Documents
    The document handling in HR cube is done in the manner so it is convenient for the HRs to know which documents are submitted by the employee to the company while which ones are issued by the company to the employee. This demarcation of documents helps in generating the quick reports that will tell the HR which documents are still pending, either from employee’s side or from company’s side.
  4. Download All HR Document Templates
    Software provides some documents which are in word format. These documents are templates of some of the important official letters which are issued to employees. You can download all or any of them and can consult them for the formal language while making your own document.