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Export to Excel

  1. All Employees Data to Excel
    HR Cube lists all the employees of your company with a click of a button. The information is shown in the grid, with some of the basic attributes of the employee such as name, designation, department, employee number and status. If needed you can view the complete detail of any of the employee within the software or alternatively you can also use “Export to Excel” button available beside the grid. This will copy all the details of the employees which are listed in the grid, which means, details of all the employees will be in excelsheet.
  2. Department-Wise Data to Excel
    Management might want to have information of employees of a particular department. The grid that shows the name of the employee on dashboard can be filled with employees of a particular department (by selecting the department from the dropdown menu) and export this list to excel, where details of only the listed employees will be saved.
  3. Current Employee Data to Excel
    Another selection filter over the list of employees is to choose current working employees. Similar to above two selection process, get the list of employees who are presently working in the company, by clicking a button that says “List Current Employees” and export it to excel for further functions.
  4. Previous Employee Data to Excel
    List of previous employees might be required by HR or management for reasons such as responding to verification calls, checking the documents, getting contact details, etc. So a button is clicked and the grid on dashboard will populate itself with the list of only previous employees worked for your company, and you can also export this list to excel.