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Software Help Center

  1. Help Topics Menu
    There might be instances when user of HR Cube get stuck somewhere or might not know where to navigate in the software to perform certain function. For those instances, a descriptive Help Center is available within the software. The topics are listed in the help center which names all the major categories of functions that the software handles. User can choose the major category of his/her intend and get a step-by-step solution of the doubt.
  2. Snapshots Based Description
    Help center contains step-by-step description of every function that HR Cube supports (functions in help center changes from time to time with the change in functions of software). These steps are text based points by using actual title of menu and buttons in the software, as well as contains the screenshots from the software. Screenshots will help you to quickly locate the feature in the software and thus saves lot of your time and energy.
  3. Provide Feedback
    Every user of our software might have different opinions about our software. Sometimes it may happen that you like the software, but find a single function missing, which seems very general and beneficial to not only you but to entire HR fraternity. In such a case, apart from other contacting ways, you can send us your valuable feedback from the feature provided in the software (please ensure your internet connectivity). We will send you quick reply on your provided mail id.