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  1. Free for life up to 20 Employees
    From HR Cube 2015 version onwards, HR Cube is free for life if you decide to keep data of up to 20 employees. The 30 Day trial period constraint is more applicable. This clearly means you can try for as much long duration as you like.
  2. Development Technologies
    The software is developed using C# language, on .Net platform, which is considered one of the robust platform for software development. .Net platform is a product of Microsoft, a brand of trust. Hence HR Cube is less prone to technical failures or non-responsive system errors.
  3. Localization of Data
    Being designed for standalone PC, the software offers the benefits of localized data, which can be accessed and used in a controlled manner by HR. There are no third-party data access limitations and security issues. The maintenance of your own PC or laptop will be sufficient to keep your HR data safe and consistent.
  4. Backup & Restoration
    For additional data security, an option of taking offline database backup is available within software. If you are using HR Cube 2015 or higher version, Database Restore option could also be located within the software.
  5. Online Purchase
    Up till now, the software is available online for buying. Pay easily from your verified PayPal account and get the license key on your registered mail ID. If you do not have a PayPal account, contact us at info @kalosofttech.com and let us know your preferred mode of payment. We will respond you within 24 working hours with the solution.
  6. Demo Data
    For a quick verification of the functions of HR Cube, the 30 Day free trial version comes with demo data. On installation, the software asks for your choice to use software either with demo data or live data (data which you will enter). Demo data helps you run each function of the software with proper data set, instead of limiting you to first populate the software with data values.

    NOTE: HR Cube 2015 comes with an option to clear database if you wish to remove all the demo data.