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Interactive Funtional Dashboard

  1. HR Cube 2015- New Dashboard

    Dashboard of HR Cube 2015 shows all newly added functions of the software. Here is how it looks.

    Save training essential details, trainer’s reference, any associated URLs for more introduction, its cost, should it affect compensation of the employee, etc.

  2. Search Employees
    To handle daily need of accessing and view data about employees of the company, an option to search for employee is available on the dashboard. There are various independent searching criteria such as search based on name of the employee, employee id, employee’s department, etc. These search options will help HR in quick accessing of employee data, for the purpose of his/her own management tasks or to present the information on management’s desk.
  3. Get Useful Lists
    The search of an employee is based on number of parameters which results in different nature of informative lists. List of active (present) employees, list of inactive (past employees), list of recommended employees, list of employees who are waiting for their office documents, are some lists that are available with a click of button on dashboard itself.
  4. Make Quick Employee Notes
    Got a statement to note for an employee! You have always-open “Notes” section on the dashboard of HR Cube, where you can write quick statements about any of the employee. For example, you observed that a particular employee usually comes late in office, or you wanted to note that some employee has a good dressing sense, or any other particular thought that you might think is worth noting in the software. This would populate the software with data that can be resourceful for management.
  5. Search Status of Documents
    Many employees join company on daily basis as well resign or terminate from the services. In all the cases some official documents are presented from company’s side as well as some documents are asked to be submitted by employees. HR has to either memorize the status of each document for the employee or better way is to note the status somewhere. In HR Cube, the status is maintained in the system and HR can quickly check it on the always-available dashboard.
  6. Export Lists to Excel
    Our HRIS software is for standalone system. If HR needs to send some information to some authority, the best way is to export the required list of data to an excelsheet and send it via preferred email service provider. When HR applies various criteria for making list of employees, like list of present employee, past employees, etc., the excelsheet would contain all the relevant details of the listed employees in the excelsheet and will be stored on the disk at your chosen location.