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Internal & External Documents

  1. Internally Used Documents – Employee And Company

    By internally used documents, we mean all the documents that created and retained within the company. These documents may be the documents related to employment process or are concerned with organizational aspects.

    HR Cube divides employee’s documents under being submitted (experience certificate, Identity proofs, etc.) or issued documents (Appointment letters, relieving letter, etc.). Similarly, some shareable (or non-shareable documents) for companies, can be listed for details for HR or employee’s reference. To put some example, list some notices, employee’s rules, leave policies, etc.

  2. Employee’s Externally Processed Documents

    For medium and large scale companies, there are some mandatory employee documents which need to be presented before some authorities for approval, before those documents could be officially used within the organization ( Few examples, Employee’s work permit, work visa, etc.). Keeping information about these documents and also tracking their processing status with the authority may sometimes be a task of HR Executive. For this purpose, HR Cube provides collaborated screens where all such information can be fed and referred.

    For some automation, whenever the processing status with authority is marked as Approved the software automatically starts referring it as an internal document for the organization.

  3. Externally processed documents for Company

    Similar to Employee’s external documents, there are also certain documents of company which are submitted to outside-company authorities for processing; such as lease documents, registration documents, affiliation certificates, quality assessment certificates, etc.

    Once such documents are processed and approved by authority, they become internal documents for future references.

  4. Reference Documents

    With this function of document management there is an option for HR Executive to keep some documents handy for reference in certain situations. For example, safety regulation documents, employee harassment policy, general organization rules etc.

    Whenever needed, these type of reference documents are available with HR (even new recruit) on just one click.