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Documents Management

  1. Which Documents Are Handled?
    A question worth asking! HR Cube document management module commits to handle almost every workable document of any organization domain. In summary, following classifications are made within the software:
    • Employee Documents – like work permits, appointment letters, relieving letters, etc.
    • Company Documents – those which are for internal reference of the company and also, documents which are verified & provided by external authorities, like registry documents, lease documents, etc.
    • >External Document – handles all those documents which are linked with any outside-company authority; this includes documents related to company as well as that of Employees.

  2. Expired Documents Notifications
    Every category of documents has an optional expiry date feature. This feature is helpful to be noted for certain time-constrained documents like Employee Work Visa, company lease, etc. Software is programmed to generate reminder alerts for the documents that are about to expire (this alert gets popped-up every time HR Cube is opened).
  3. Create Your Own Documents Type
    Save the list of all types of office documents that may be used or circulated within your organization. This created list will make the names, such as appointment letter, experience letter, letter of appreciation and many more, available in the dropdown menu throughout the software and whenever HR needs to work with office documents, he/she needs to select these declared document types name from the selection dropdown.
  4. Record Documents Submission
    Employees of a company are asked to submit many types of formal documents for purpose of verification and authentication. This submission is guided by some policies or rules of the company. So every time when such physical documents are handed over by employee, to HR, he/she will be able to make a note of it in the HR Cube in form of softcopy (scanned or otherwise), by associating the submitted document with the name of the employee.
  5. Record Issued Documents
    As documents are taken from employees, similarly, documents are also issued to them. Documents like experience letter, character certificate, relieving letter, letter of appreciation, etc. are provided to employee at time of leaving the organization’s service or some other matter of concern. HR Cube is specially designed to handle this very effective and important function so that HR would know who has been issued the documents and who are still expecting their documents.

  6. Attach Documents with Each Employee
    The record about documents submitted by or issued to each employee is done by selecting the document type and also uploading the softcopy of those documents in the software, with the record name of that employee. Uploading of documents make those documents available at single location of your computer memory drives.
  7. View Attached Documents
    Once documents are attached with employee, you can list the names of all documents by selecting the employee name and if you wish to see the content of any of the attached document, just double-click the name of the document to open in the same format in which it was attached. This feature enables the side-by-side verification of the attached documents.
  8. Documents Search
    Since HR Cube provides options to save variety of documents, the list may grow long. A handy search tool with custom document filters is made available to quickly list the details of the intended document. The screen below shows what all search filters are available: