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  1. Create Organization Facilities
    Number of facilities is provided by company. Some facilities are of general nature, such as food coupons, company pick-n-drop cab, gym, etc. while some of them are given as benefits or privileges to employees like personal car with driver, office phone, etc. While using HR Cube, all these facilities must be named. HR can give title to each facility and optionally writes few line of description about them so as to explain the facility.
  2. Assign Facility to Employees
    While registering employee with HR Cube, an option is also provided where one can note the list of all those facilities which will be given to each employee. The facility can of general nature or of special/privilege category. While assigning any of the facility to employee, the date of assignment is recorded and if the facility is to be assigned for known period of time, then HR can mention the date of discontinuation of the facility; otherwise this field can be left blank.
  3. Inactivate Facility to Employees
    When employee discontinues his/her service with your company, it becomes important that the facilities availed should also be discontinued. For such function, when HR would be deactivating employee within the software, options are provided on the interface to mark the facility which had been returned by employee. This information is archived for future references.