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Quick Menu Tab (Home Tab)

  1. Enter Organization Details
    Everytime you open the software, a menu titled as “Home” appears open with some of icons which provides you quicker way to use HR Cube. The functions under this tab, also exists under their respective tabs, but the intention of putting these options under Home tab is to let you use the generally used functions very quickly, saving much of the navigation time. The functions like adding new employee, accepting leave applications, and many other are some of the quick functions available for user.
  2. Quickly Add Employees
    One of the functions of HR Cube that can be of utmost importance is adding a new employee by its registration in the software. This may be an occasional task (i.e. at times of recruitment) but this is most important task which forms the basis of all other functions of an HR. Thus, this option is kept under quickly accessible Home tab.
  3. Make Company’s Departments
    Another option that makes its position under quickly accessible Home tab is the option of adding departments in the software. The HR can add the present department and every time your business expands, note the division in the software.
  4. List Company’s Designations
    Populate the base data of your software with the list of all the designations running in your organization. This data will be used with every registered and verified employee of your company and thus it has made its position in our quickly accessible Home tab.
  5. List Company’s Facilities
    Facilities like company’s transport cab, gym, mobile phone, food coupons, etc. are given to employees and are noted in the software as a list. Facility may increase their number from time to time according to management’s decision. Thus, this is kept under Home tab for easy accessing of this feature by HR.
  6. Check for automatic Updates
    HR Cube is ever evolving to meet the changing business trends. To ensure that you should be aware about a newer version of the HR Cube, there is an option to check for updates. On clicking the option, the system will check for changed and improved version over the internet and send you the information for downloading the latest version of HR Cube. You can safely download the latest version of the software without any loss to your crucial business data.