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Recruitment Functions

  1. Create Job Vacancies

    Save vacant job position with details like job title, job description, qualification requirements, special skills needed for the position, save related document, and other important information.

    The check option of Eligible for Referral makes the job title open for listing referred candidates, being referred by in-house employees

  2. Job Candidate Profile

    Candidates appearing for scheduled interview needs to be recorded with their details for shortlisting and reference for selection management. Important fields are provided like Current CTC, Expected CTC, Resume, etc. These fields are used for early shortlisting of candidates.

  3. Schedule Interview & Manage Interview Process

    Schedule interview dates and venue for the vacant job position along with all the steps to be followed while candidate selection. With each job, list the process in order of their occurrence and while going through the shortlisting process, manage record for selection status of each candidate with reference to these pre-set interview processes.

  4. Job Candidate Referrals

    To quickly fill the vacant job positions, company opens an in-house referral program wherein current employees of the company can refer a candidate for the purpose of available job vacancy.

    This not only makes the process quick but also helps in choosing a more trustworthy candidate since his/her reference is coming from an employee you already know.