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  1. Allocate Department
    Employee is placed in a particular department of your organization, based on his/her skills or expertise. The name of various departments which forms your organization must be entered and then these can be attached with each employee. This particular information will be helpful for department change tracking or assignment of work based on the department of an employee.
  2. Search Employee by Department
    When list of employees grow in the software, for convenient search options, a filter to list employees on basis of their department is provided. The HR has to select the department and the software will list all the employees to whom the selected department is allocated. This will save time of searching and thus, the time could be invested in some other useful functions.
  3. Change Employee Department
    The inter-department change for employees is a process that is a part & requirement of day-to-day work policies. While registering an employee with HR Cube, his/her department is also selected. The change can be made to its department whenever management asks to do the same. The department is changed as the result of promotion, resource-sharing, arrangement of resources for balancing workload, etc.
  4. Keep Change Department History
    If the change is made in the department of the employee, any number of times, the change will get reported in HR Cube. With every change, history of all changes will get stored in database. This recorded information helps in data analysis for various reasons such as to know the density of employees in each department, whether the department change was justified & is according to skills, etc.