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  1. Assign Designation
    Designation of an employee tells us about his/her nature of responsibilities and authority. Hence, each employee’s name comes with its designation. Before it can be done, HR or manager of HR Cube has to declare all the accepted designations of the company. These designations must be unique, irrespective of their occurrence in a department. For example, you should declare designation “Manager” only once in the software, without considering that manager can be each of your company’s department.
  2. Change Employee Designation
    Promotions, demotions, performance evaluations results into change in the designation of the employee. Since our HR software helps you to manage every bit of information about your employee, it also gives you feature to record the change in the designation of the employee. Everytime the change is to be made, select the employee from the list of employees, check its current designation and assign the new designation by selecting the same from the dropdown options.
  3. Keep History of Designation Changes
    History of all the changes that are made in the designation of the employee are maintained in archive. This archive can be viewed along with the date of the change. This visual pattern in the change of employee’s designation helps management to analyze the performance of the employee and this piece of analysis can be used for deciding appraisals value, benefits allocation, etc. for that employee.
  4. Decide Over Facilities
    The designation plays an important role in deciding the type of facilities that should be offered to an employee. The designation of manager, for example, assures the allocation of facility like private cell phone, gift cards, etc.