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Leave Application Record

  1. Fill Leave Information
    Leave management is an independent function, handled by either supervisor or HR of the company. Organizations may find it convenient to use altogether separate software for leave management, which is highly recommended. But in HR Cube, we have included the very simple & useful feature of saving leave details about employee along with the leave application. The function will help HR to note the small level details of leave of an employee for the reason of knowing a single piece of information – “who is not available today in the company”. The HR makes manual entry in the form that is provided to record leave details like name of employee, subject and description of leave, duration, etc.
  2. Upload Leave Application
    The manual entry about the leave of employee, by an HR can be replaced by the function of uploading a softcopy of leave application. This saves HR’s time and helps in authentic leave records. This can be a scanned copy of leave application submitted by employee or it can be softcopy in word or pdf format, sent via mail.
  3. Analyze Employee Leaves
    The major objective of giving the leave recording function to HR is to build a database for analysis, for the supervisor or management personnel. The pattern of leave taken by employees can be studied and will then be considered at times of performance evaluation.