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Employee Information

  1. Add Personal Information
    When an employee is a part of your company, it is a valuable resource which is working to generate revenue for your business. HR cube has a section where all personal details like contact numbers, date of birth, father and mother name, ethnic origin, language known, etc. are recorded. This information proves to be useful for certain employee analysis at the workplace. Like, for appointing an employee to some other location, the ethnic origin of the employee can be useful information so that the employee should be chosen who can adapt to re-location.

  2. Customize Fields
    To meet your organization’s need of employee information management, customized field options is available in HR Cube. One can name specific attributes, with respective values for each employee and can save the expiry date, if any.

  3. Employment Information
    The information that is of utmost accessing need is information related to current employment of the employee as in, his/her designation, employee id, department, date of joining, etc. Such information is kept in software which would help in listing the employee based on such search criteria. So HR is always ready with piece of information that will be asked every now and then during the regular office work.
  4. Keep Emergency Contact Details
    Uncertainty is certain so it becomes safe if software also records contacts details of person who should be approached in case of any unfortunate event occurred with an employee. The details include contact person name, contact number, relationship with employee, email and postal address.

  5. List Family Dependants
    Company is very much concerned with the welfare of employee along with each of its family members. Compensation for an employee has greater impact due to the information of its family members who are under dependency of the employee concerned. Basic information like name and relationship of dependant member is saved in the software.
  6. Record Medical Details
    Knowing health details of every employee becomes all the more important in this age of increased medical emergencies. A readily accessible information about the family doctor of employee, its contact details, allergies (if any) that affects health of the employee, etc. are recorded by HR in HR Cube, and can be consulted whenever there is any issue related to health of the employee.
  7. Past Work Experience
    In every organization, the newly hired experienced candidate is asked to submit its work experience from previously served company for the sole purpose of verification of his skills and nature of job he/she undertook.

    HR Cube has an interface where details about past work experience in form of name of the past employer, tenure of service, any experience letter from last served organization and last working designation, etc. are saved.