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Employee Lists

  1. List All Employees
    When HR or management personnel need to see all the employees that are working or have worked in past, in your company, “List All Employees” feature gives this very useful information on a single button click. This list will include current as well as previous employees of the company who can be distinguished by looking at the status field in front of every employee detail.
  2. List Employees by Department
    Another useful list of employees is the one which is filtered on the basis of department. To know the working strength of a department or for any strategic reason, the complete list of the employees belonging to a selected department of your organization can be generated. These selected names can then be exported into excelsheet by clicking the provided button.
  3. List Previous Employees
    HR sometimes has to answer phone calls from other organization who asks for verification of previous employees worked in your organization. HR has ready details of that employee in the software and can answer all the questions of the verifying caller. Designation of the employee, his/her working tenure, department & skills, etc. is some of the basic nature of information that are needed by the caller.
  4. List Current Employees
    List containing details of current working employees is the one which is needed highest number of times, specially by the management people. Such list is needed for n number of reasons like analyzing the human skill set of the company, average age group to which employees belong to, and similar kind of information which help in certain decisions in business.
  5. List Recommended Employees
    There is a feature of recommending employee in HR Cube where HR has to simply select the employee from the list and write some recommendation notes about him/her. This would populate a list and when management is looking for some efficient employees, this list will help them the most.