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Windows Based

  1. For Standalone PC
    The software is downloadable and will be installed on your desktop or laptop. Hence it is available on your secured PC environment. It is free from being hacked over network, or issue of availability of your company specific data on third-party servers and has limited user access.
  2. Availability of Multiple Licenses
    If you work with multiple HRs, at the same or different offices, you can have multiple licenses of HR Cube. Each license will be activated with its unique key that can be purchased online by making payment via your PayPal account, or contact us personally for buying HR Cube license via any other payment option.
  3. No monthly/yearly billing cycle
    Unlike cloud version of HRIS software, the cost of the software is not charged on the basis of the number of users or employees that HR will register in the software. The payment is to be made for each license of HR Cube your business will use.
  4. How Software is delivered
    HR Cube will be delivered through the downloadable exe file and once the file is downloaded at your machine click the setup and it will start installing the application at your system.