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Getting Started With HR Cube

Congratulations on successful installation of Kalosoft HR Cube

This is an HRIS (Human Resource Information System) and has many functions and features that help you to handle many of tasks related to employees. Before you can use all those features, there are some functions which needs to be operated first so that rest of the features can be used to its fullest.

Here is how you can get started with using HR Cube.

Quick Home Tab Functions

Everytime the HR Cube is run, the default menu is made visible which would give you all those tab options which are needed to quickly start working with HR Cube.

  1. Enter your Organization’s details

    The necessary step is to provide all the asked and relevant details of your company into the software. This information will be available to be printed on HR Documents. In HR Cube, it can be done by the following steps :

    • Select “Add Organization Details” from either three options
      Options under Home
      Option Under Organization tab
      Options Under Fall-down Menu on top left corner of the screen
    • On clicking to add organization details, following interface will get opened up

      Fill the information and click on button to save the entered information.
    • If the entered information needs some editing, it can be done by clicking on
  2. Add Department of your organization

    It is necessary to create all the working department in the software as this information will get attached with each employee of the company and will be mentioned throughout the software. This option can be accessed in two ways


    On clicking “Add Department” option, the following window will get open

    Type the name of department in the textbox and click button to save the department name.

    From the right hand side panel, you can edit the selected name of the department on clicking button.

    Button will remove the selected department name from the database. Deletion will be denied if the selected department has already being assigned to some employee. The following message will appear on the window

  3. Enter designations allowed in your organization

    Designations in an organization are attached with each employee. Due to designations, the salary and job description of the employee can be defined.

    In HR Cube, this feature can be accessed in two manners


    The interface that opens will be shown as below

    Enter the designation name you want to save along with optional description of the designation to declare the basic nature of the designation so made.

    Click on to save the information about the newly created designation.

    All the title of the saved designation will appear in the window which is at the right side.

    Click on button to change the name or description about the selected designation.

    You can also delete the selected designation by using button, unless and until it is so far not been assigned to any of the registered employee, within the software.

  4. Register new employee in the software

    By following this getting started help section, you must have declared departments and designations of your organization. Now, you are ready to register employees with the system. This can be done either from “Add New Employee” tab under “Home” tab.


    Either way will open an interface which will look like as under

    There are various functional component in the above window.

    • It has changeable multiple tabs which asks for various type of employee profile like personal profile, professional profile, qualification, etc.

      Enter all the available information of the employee to keep the system updated.
    • While entering details, if some pre-required information is missing in the system, the provision is provided to add them from the same window. For instance,

      The symbol can be used to add required designation (in case any of the field was not entered earlier). Clicking the symbol will open up one more internal window to add new information.
    • Click on button to save the information being entered, in any of the selected tab for profile.
  5. List all the company’s official documents

    Documents and formal letters are part of every day working of your business. There may be letter of appraisal, relieving, experience, resume and so on, which are attached with employees. There may be some documents which are of general nature, like company’s policies, hierarchy chart, etc.

    HR manager needs to save this list in the HR Cube for the reference of its users.

    The icon will allow you to name all the types of document of your company. On clicking it will display the interface as under

    Type in the name of the document and click button for saving the name.

    All the named documents will appear on right hand panel of the window. You can click the button to make changes in any of the pre-declared type of the document.

  6. Mention types of leave as per rules of your company

    There are some specific policies related to leave for the employee of the company. Type of leave has to declare beforehand in HR Cube so that deductions can be easily made while calculating the salary each month.

    HR Manager will declare the title of the leave along with mentioning the deductable amount for the same.

    icon can be used for this purpose. Also, the option can be selected from our drop down menu as

    The following interface will appear.

    The window has some fields

    • Leave Type to mention the name of the leave like paid-leave, medical leave, etc.
    • Description to include some textual explanation of the declared leave type.
    • Leaves Per Month expects a integer number which tells for how many days the specified leave type is allowed.
    • IsDeductable is to be checked if certain amount is to be deducted from the salary of the employee if the specified leave is availed.
    • One Time Deduction field will get activated if you have checked “IsDedcutable” checkbox. This field says whether the deduction will be made single time i.e. when the specified leave is taken, or will the amount be deducted on regular basis.

    The description of the save leaves can be seen at the right hand side panel. One can edit or delete the leave type, whenever required.

  7. Name the facilities that can be given to employees

    There are many internal facilities like food coupons, travelling cab, internet, etc. that are offered to employees. Before they could be assigned to any of the employee, they must be named in our HR Cube.

    The icon is clicked to open up an interface for accepting your company specific facilities.

    Similar to other interfaces, the previously saved services can be edited or deleted from the panel on the right side of the window.

    Great! Your HR Cube is now ready to work. Enjoy.