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What is HRM?

The slide tries to explain the concept of HRM (Human Resource Management) in a form of an interactive picture.


It is a process which includes manager, HR manager and staff and performs major functions of management of

  1. Recruitment
  2. Insurance & Benefits for employees
  3. Training
  4. Performance Evaluation
  5. Payroll
  6. Contract

When to use an HRIS software

This slide mentions generic reasons which will motivate you to buy HRIS software. The major one corresponds with proper keeping of record documents and employee records. All other needs revolve around the major ones.

Introducing HR Cube

The slide is included to let you know the focused concept over which HR cube works. It states that HR Cube is information based software for managing HR activities.

Features – in quick outlook

This slide is designed in graphical manner to portray all the features which are provided by the software. Watch it to decide the usability of the software for your business.

Intangible benefits

By using our HR Cube software, there are some intangible benefits that an HR or business owner can realize. This slide lists all those benefits.

Some stills from software

The slide intends to show you some screenshots from within the software, to give you quick look of the software, even before you download and install it.

Three Steps…

The slide explains you simple three step process to use HR Cube.

What’s upcoming

There are continuous modifications in the software. The upcoming version of HR Cube contains more modified and enhanced features. This slide lists all those upcoming features. Read them all to know is there some upcoming feature that may provide you more value.