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Complete Human Resource Management Software

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Modules in Focus

  • Complete Document Management System : Manage your Employee and Company documents at one place; Internal & External document Management, Reference & Regulatory Document Management.

  • Strong Employee Information Management : Provide easy upload of Employee Information and Retrievals, Designation, Department management, all at one place.

  • Easy and Flexible Payroll Management : Quick Salary Calculations of Multiple employee, Payslip Generation in seconds, Manage Bonus, Advances, Loans, Pay Salary and Generate Bank Sheets, Easy Reports.

  • Recruitment Management : Track applicant and Manage Hiring steps and process.

  • Training Management : Keep track of trainings organized, Participants and schedule trainings.

  • Travelling Management : Prepare Travel Itinerary, Accommodation Schedule, Passenger List, Check list and Maintain Travel History.

  • Compliance & Legal : Record all Compliance & Legal Related documents and Information.

  • Performance Management : Create Employee Goals, Manage Feedbacks and score.


Employee Information

As HRIS is always employee (Human Resource) centric, HR Cube has interfaces which will ask you to enter all the necessary information about the employees, including their personal information, educational information, past work experience, bank details, list of dependant family members, medical details and many other relevant information that might be needed by HR, during daily course of work or occasionally by Management people for business analysis.    Read More

Documents Management

There are many documents that are collected from employee and similarly there are much more documents that are issued to each of the employee. That means there is huge number of documents to manage and keep record of document types, attach with software, keep record of which document is issued to whom & on which day, etc.    Read More

Internal/External Documents

Along with Employee documents management, a new category is made – company/employee internal or external document. This helps in catering even wider need of document management of your business.   Read More

Recruitment Functions

The software provides one of the most innovative and quickest ways to manage recruitment process of your organization with clear outlined job description and candidate management functions.   Read More

Employee Training Functions

Setup training schedule, add participants, assign rewards and compensations for compulsory trainings, and other general training concerning stuff.    Read More

Payroll Module – New Improved Functions

What’s new? Employee’s Loan and Advance Payment Management, Bonus calculations, attendance sheet based Payslip generation, bank sheets for quick listing of employees’ salary, flexible calculations for generating salary amount.    Read More

Performance & Key Research Areas (KRA)

Functions provided to create your organization’s Key Research Areas (KRA) for measuring performance scale of employees. Set basic key performance attributes with their respective weights to monitor employee’s accomplishments for better performance.    Read More

Travel Module - Intensive

A comprehensive feature for recording all travel aspects of employees, ranging from their basic travel schedule & accommodation details to the fellow passengers; and to complement this useful task, a printable PDF file is generated which will intelligently summarize the complete travel plan on single sheet.     Read More

Compliance & Legal Handler

Meeting compliance regulations is one the priority tasks for people on management boards. HR Cube provides interface to keep compliance matters under record and help in avoiding any hassel that may arise due to non-compliance acts by officials. For additional support, a small interface is given to note down all legal issues running with judicial authorities; system will automatically give a reminder for the approaching legal hearing date.    Read More


Warnings, disputes, personal grudges, vague arguments, etc. are part of company’s working environment. These are also considered under professional behavior, hence, needs proper monitoring and recording. With disciplinary function of HR Cube, the HR can keep certain details about each & every such issue that arose at workplace.    Read More

Windows Based

HR Cube software developed on and developed for different versions of Windows operating system. The software is highly compatible with the services of your own (favourite) windows O.S. The software is single windows platform centric to provide benefits in its own terms. The benefit is the localization of data and information.    Read More

Interactive Dashboard

The Dashboard is not only for providing quick information but we have kept it interactive for the HR. It provides employee search options to HR like searching details of employee, documents that were issued or are still pending, etc.    Read More

Attendance Marking & Records Keeping

Attendance provides base data for many other HR functions. The feature of applying attendance for each employee is quite simple in our software. One can use multiple modes to mark attendance for each of company’s employee.    Read More

Employee Salary Slips Generation

Salary calculation and salary-slip generation is repetitive work for HR. To help out, HR Cube provideseasy window screens where you can set the payroll structure for each employee, their mode of work as in monthly or hourly, etc. and hence based on the total number of working days, HR can quickly generate the salary-slips in a printable format.    Read More

Employee Lists

Employee information search becomes a daily task for the HR of the company and we thought it would be great that they can get some traditional & useful form of employee lists with a click of a button, say for example previous employees list, current employees list, etc.    Read More

Export to Excel

Excelsheet is most accepted application used in companies to maintain records & apply some formula over the saved data. Developers of HR cube give you “Export to Excel” facility where the selected list of the employee can be saved as an excelsheet format on your local drives.    Read More

Activate & Deactivate Employee

Before we could manage advance functions over the employees of company, basic one is to segregate previous employees or inactive employees from that of the current or active employees. This is done with the feature of activating the employee at time of hiring & deactivating each employee at time of relieving.    Read More

Employee Verification

Entering data about employee in the software is not accepted unless & until the employee and his/her details are verified by certain process or authority. Once it is done, the employee has to be marked verified in the HR Cube.    Read More

Department Change Tracking

Inter-department positioning of employees can be due to many reasons like right person at right job, long tenure of service or other. The record is kept for every change in department of the employee which will make archive database for anytime access. The information is available for management people as well for track employee’s career path.    Read More

Designation Change Tracking (Promotions)

Changing designation at the time of promotion of the employee, or by discretionary orders of management, can be maintained in the database along with its reasonable history, which is accessible during time of employees’ performance evaluation.    Read More

Leave Application Records

Employees often take pre-notified leave and even if the leave is taken without any notice, it is always relevant to keep its detail. In HR Cube, HR is free to manually fill the details of the leave asked by employee or can also upload the leave application. This information will also help in performance evaluation process.    Read More

Benefits & Facilities

Companies offer many add-on facilities to their employees for better performance and privileges. With our software, you can keep the record of all the facilities given to each & every employee, during course of his employment.    Read More

Software Help Center & Regular Updates

HR Cube is ever evolving and addition of new features as per user requirement is a continuous process. To keep our software users to know how this function would work, a descriptive help center containing process flow and screenshots is available. This center is also helpful for the first time user of HR Cube. Notification regarding regular updated version of HR Cube is a call-for-action for the user to which he can download the latest from our official website.    Read More


The software is designed for HR where he/she can keep all the supported information and in return, the management or HR itself will get access of the data, whenever they need a report. For example, a list of the employees who have not been issued certain type of documents can be generated with one click.    Read More


The software is designed using .Net Framework and SQL database for keeping data. Both of the technologies are popular and robust which can be relied upon by the user of HR Cube.    Read More

Quick Menu Icons

The functions of HR Cube are classified into their relevant category heads like, for accessing all features concerning employee, user needs to click on “Employees” tab icon. So the name of the icons will give you insight as to what functions you can perform while accessing this menu. The designers have also tried to keep all those functions under open tab, titled as “Home” which should get visible as soon as the software is opened.    Read More


It the entity who is using HR Cube as an HRIS system, to manage and archive the information related to company and its employees. Following can be done in our software in concern with this entity:
  • Record basic information about the company, like its name, address, contact number, official logo, etc.
  • Editing is also allowed once data is recorded and it is made available to HR Cube user, all the time.
  • The information saved for this entity will automatically get printed on the official documents of the company, which can be designed using HR Cube.
The information about departments running in the company and designations awarded to employees has be mentioned as this can further help in deciding the role and responsibilities for the particular employee. Mentioned below is what HR can perform under these entities:
  • Name the departments running in the company. The basic ones may be HR Department, Management Department, Administrative, Marketing, etc. while some are specific based on the business domain like Production Department, Research, etc.
  • Editing can be done on the name and description of the department whenever need is felt.
  • Naming the designations is also handled as these have to be linked with every employee in the organization.
  • Editing of the designation name and its description is also allowed at the time of need.
Employees are major entity around whom the complete HR Cube is developed. The provisions and features are provided for employee management, which can be described as under:
  • HR can keep all details related to each employee by adding them to the software. The details like personal profile, past working experience, expertise can be saved and retrieved whenever desired.
  • Separate types of leaves that are allowed to different individual can also be recorded in the system, based on their designation and other considerable traits.
  • Every time employee applies for leave, the HR can enter those details in the software, for future analysis.
  • The department and designation of an employee can be modified or changed.
  • Details and history about department and designation that are associated with an employee so far, can also be archived. This helps in monitoring the progress of specific employee.
  • List of documents that are submitted by each employee at the time of appointment is also kept safe.
These are the built-in HR document template with preset formal language and space is provided, wherever required, for typing the specific information related the employee to whom letter is being issued. At present, one can find following HR letters template:
  • Appointment letter required to be given to newly recruited candidate in the company.
  • Appraisal letter, presented to current working employees each time when there is hike in their salary package.
  • Experience letter is required by the employee at the time of leaving the service.
  • Offer Letter which is presented before appointment letter to the prospective candidate to present the job offer made by the company.
  • Relieving letter is issued to the employee who wish to resign from the service and wants a formal letter from company’s side stating that company has no issue in reliving him from the job.
Leaves management is needed for the purpose of calculation of salary if under company’s rule certain amount is to be deducted. Other purpose of employee leave management is to monitor the daily availability of human resource so as to plan day’s work accordingly. Our software has following functions to perform in this concern :
  • Set types of leaves allowed as per company’s policy along with its deductable amount if it is of deducting nature.
  • Based on discretion, assign and declare which type of leaves is allowed to a specific employee of the company.
Apart from salary, there are certain other facilities which are provided to employees for motivation, reward or any other purpose. Our software handles this feature by offering the following:
  • HR can declare what types of facilities are offered by company to its employees like cab, laptop, internet connection, etc.
  • While filling employee details, the mentioned facilities can be assigned to each employee.

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